How to Bet on Horse Races

horse race

If you’re a gambler, you know that horse races are dangerous. You probably know about the Exacta bet and the history of the race, but do you know how to bet on horse races? This article will help you understand the odds and the different types of bets available in horse races. Also, you’ll learn about how to place your bets in Match races and Exacta bets. So, don’t be one of the millions of people who are addicted to horse racing and the suffering they cause.


The history of the horse race can be traced back thousands of years. Horses were domesticated in Central Asia around 4500 BC. People began racing horses and betting on them as a recreational activity. The popularity of horse racing soon grew to a point where people traveled to watch races. And as the popularity of horse racing grew, bookmakers began to offer wagers on multiple horses. Several events took place throughout the centuries.

Betting on horse races

While horse racing is an exciting sport, it is also fraught with risk. There is a skill component to betting on horse races. Essentially, it involves finding value in a field full of horses. While there are some tips to remember when betting, most people start by studying past performances of horses. These past performances give you information on who is likely to win. In addition, you can determine which trainers and jockeys are likely to win, how fast a horse moves and more.

Exacta bets

A common strategy in horse races is placing an exacta bet. A key horse, such as horse #4, can be keyed to win or place. While the horse can still win, it could place second and still yield a substantial payout. Keying multiple horses is similar to placing an exacta bet. If you have a strong feeling about a specific horse, you may decide to key multiple horses. In this case, your wager would be larger.

Match races

A match race between horse races can be a fun, entertaining event. The first match race at Del Mar was a big publicity coup for the track, which had only opened a year prior. As a result, Jack Cuddy wrote an article for the Cincinnati Enquirer about the race and speculated that it would be 56 years before another match race was held at the famous track. Since then, match races have been banned in many states.

Place bets

If you’re a new bettors or you’re looking for a new type of bet, place only bets are an easy way to start. Place bets are available in most sports. Depending on the odds and the race number, you can choose from first, second, or third. Each of these options will give you a little more flexibility when placing your bets. Listed below are some examples of places bets.


The odds of horse race payouts vary. You can make money by betting on the horses to win or place. If you bet on a horse to win, you will get paid if the horse finishes in the pole position. However, if you bet on a horse to place and it does not win, you lose. Horse race payouts depend on the odds and the size of the bet pool. In some races, a lock bet is possible. If you bet on a horse to win, the lock bet pays out twice as much as a place bet.